EU-Kommission an Griechenland: "Greift in die Justiz ein!"

Telepolis - Fr, 2016-08-26 08:00
Dem früheren Chef der griechischen Statistikbehörde, Andreas Georgiou, zuvor Vizedirektor des IWF, werden Manipulationen vorgeworfen. EU-Kommissare setzen sich für ihn ein
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Pentagon drängt auf Entwicklung und Einführung autonomer Systeme

Telepolis - Fr, 2016-08-26 06:00
Der Defense Science Board (DSB) hat einen Bericht und Empfehlungen für die "Autonomie" im militärischen Bereich veröffentlicht - autonome Kampfsysteme werden nicht wirklich behandelt
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Spanien will Friedensstifter von Wahlen ausschließen

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 22:26
Die Linke fordert von der Bundesregierung, sich für "faire Wahlen" zum baskischen Parlament und für den Friedensprozess einzusetzen
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Chaos Computer Club testet Medienkompetenz mit Hoax-Website

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 22:09
Redaktionen fielen reihenweise auf "Abmahnbeantworter"-Fake herein
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Keine Erde 2.0, aber eine potentiell habitable extrasolare Nachbarwelt

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 22:00
Astronomen entdecken den erdnächsten und erdähnlichsten Exoplaneten, der in einer bewohnbaren Zone liegt und theoretisch ein Hort des Lebens sein könnte
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Neue Freunde und Feinde im US-Wahlkampf

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 22:00
Donald Trump wirbt mit Nigel Farage für den Kampf gegen das Establishment und Hillary Clinton will den Republikanern mit Warnungen vor einer "Alt-Right"-Gegenkultur christliche Wähler abspenstig machen
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Percona Live Europe featured talk with Krzysztof Książek — MySQL Load Balancers – MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx

MySQL High Performance - Do, 2016-08-25 16:36

Welcome to the first Percona Live Europe featured talk with Percona Live Europe 2016: Amsterdam speakers! In this series of blogs, we’ll highlight some of the speakers that will be at this year’s conference. We’ll also discuss the technologies and outlooks of the speakers themselves. Make sure to read to the end to get a special Percona Live Europe registration bonus!

In this Percona Live Europe featured talk, we’ll meet Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines AB. His talk will be on MySQL Load Balancers – MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx: a close up look. Load balancing MySQL connections and queries using HAProxy has been popular in the past years. However, the recent arrival of MaxScale, MySQL Router, ProxySQL and now also Nginx as a reverse proxy have changed the game. Which use cases are best for which solution, and how well do they integrate into your environment?

I had a chance to speak with Krzysztof and learn a bit more about these questions:

Percona: Give me a brief history of yourself: how you got into database development, where you work, what you love about it?

Krzysztof: I was working as a system administrator in a hosting company in Poland. They had a need for a dedicated MySQL DBA. So I volunteered for the job. Later, I decided it was time to move on and joined Laine Campbell’s PalominoDB. I had a great time there, working with large MySQL deployments. At the beginning of 2015, I joined Severalnines as Senior Support Engineer. It was a no-brainer for me as I was always interested in building and managing scalable clusters based on MySQL — this is exactly what Severalnines helps its customers with.

Percona: Your talk is called “MySQL Load Balancers: MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx – a close up look.” Why are more load balancing solutions becoming available? What problems does load balancing solve for database environments?

Krzysztof:Load balancers are a must in highly scalable environments that are usually distributed across multiple servers or data centers. Large MySQL setups can quickly become very complex — many clusters, each containing numerous nodes and using different and interconnected technologies: MySQL replication, Galera Cluster. Load balancers not only help to maintain availability of the database tier by routing traffic to available nodes, but they also hide the complexity of the database tier from the application.

Percona: You call out three general groups of load balancers: application connectors, TCP reverse proxies, and SQL-aware load balancers. What workloads do these three groups generally address best?

Krzysztof: I wouldn’t say “workloads” — I’d say more like “use cases.” Each of those groups will handle all types of workloads but they do it differently. TCP reverse proxies like HAProxy or nginx will just route packets: fast and robust. They won’t understand the state of MySQL backends, though. For that you need to use external scripts like Percona’s clustercheck or Severalnines’ clustercheck-iptables.

On the other hand, should you want to build your application to be more database-aware, you can use mysqlnd and manage complex HA topologies from your application. Finally, SQL-aware load balancers like ProxySQL or MaxScale can be used to move complexity away from the application and, for example, perform read-write split in the proxy layer. They detect the MySQL state and can make necessary changes in routing — such as moving writes to a newly promoted master. They can also empower the DBA by allowing him to (for example) rewrite queries as they pass the proxy.

Percona: Where do you see load balancing technologies heading in order to deal with some of the database trends that keep you awake at night?

Krzysztof: Personally, I love to see the “empowerment” of DBA’s. For example, ProxySQL not only routes packets and helps to maintain high availability (although this is still the main role of a proxy), it is also a flexible tool that can help a DBA tackle many day-to-day problems. An offending query? You can cache it in the proxy or you can rewrite it on the fly. Do you need to test your system before an upgrade, using real-world queries? You can configure ProxySQL to mirror the production traffic on a test system. You can use it to build a sharded environment. These things, in the past, typically weren’t possible for a DBA to do — the application had to be modified and new code had to be deployed. Activities like those take time, time that is very precious when the ops staff is dealing with databases on fire from a high load. Now I can do all that just through reconfiguring a proxy. Isn’t it great?

Percona: What are looking forward to the most at Percona Live Europe this year?

Krzysztof: The Percona Live Europe agenda looks great and, as always, it’s a hard choice to decide which talks to attend. I’d love to learn more about the upcoming MySQL 8.0: there are quite a few talks covering both performance improvements and different features of 8.0. There’s also a new Galera version in the works with great features like non-blocking DDL’s, so it would be great to see what’s happening there. We’re also excited to run the “Become a MySQL DBA” tutorial again (our blog series on the same topic has been very popular).

Additionally, I’ve been working within the MySQL community for a while and I have many friends who, unfortunately, I don’t see very often. Percona Live Europe is an event that brings us together and where we can catch up. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

You can read more about Krzysztof thoughts on load balancers at Severalnines blog.

Want to find out more about Krzysztof, load balancers and Severalnines? Register for Percona Live Europe 2016, and come see his talk MySQL Load Balancers – MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx: a close up look.

Use the code FeaturedTalk and receive €25 off the current registration price!

Percona Live Europe 2016: Amsterdam is the premier event for the diverse and active open source database community. The conferences have a technical focus with an emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MongoDB, and other open source databases. Percona live tackles subjects such as analytics, architecture and design, security, operations, scalability and performance. It also provides in-depth discussions for your high-availability, IoT, cloud, big data and other changing business needs. This conference is an opportunity to network with peers and technology professionals by bringing together accomplished DBA’s, system architects and developers from around the world to share their knowledge and experience. All of these people help you learn how to tackle your open source database challenges in a whole new way.

This conference has something for everyone!

Percona Live Europe 2016: Amsterdam is October 3-5 at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre.

PostgreSQL Day at Percona Live Amsterdam 2016

MySQL High Performance - Do, 2016-08-25 13:21

Introducing PostgreSQL Day at Percona Live Europe, Amsterdam 2016.

As modern open source database deployments change, often including more than just a single open source database, Percona Live has also changed. We changed our model from being a purely MySQL-focused conference (with variants) to include a significant amount of MongoDB content. We’ve also expanded our overview of the open source database landscape and included introductory talks on many other technologies. These included practices we commonly see used in the world, and new up and coming solutions we think show promise.

In getting Percona Live Europe 2016 ready, something unexpected happened: we noticed the PostgreSQL community come together and submit many interesting talks about this great open source database technology. This effort on their part pushed to go further than we initially planned this year, and we’ve put together a full day of PostgreSQL talks. At Percona Live Europe this year, we will be running our first ever PostgreSQL Day on October 4th!

Some folks have been questioning this decision: do we really need so much PostgreSQL content? Isn’t there some tension between the MySQL and PostgreSQL communities? (Here is a link to a very recent example.)  

While it might be true (and I think it is) that some contention exists between these groups, I don’t think isolation and indifference are the answers to improving cooperation. They certainly aren’t the best plan for the open source database community at large, because there is too much we can learn from each other — especially when it comes to promoting open source databases as a real alternative to commercial ones.

Every open source community has its own set of “zealots” (or maybe just “strict adherents”). But our dedication to one particular technology shouldn’t blind us to the value of others. The MySQL and PostgreSQL communities have both successfully obtained support through substantial large scale deployments. There are more and more engineers joining those communities, looking to find better solutions for the problems they face and learn from others’ technologies.  

Through the years I have held very productive discussions with people like Josh Berkus, Bruce Momjian, Oleg Bartunov,  Ilya Kosmodemiansky and Robert Treat (to name just a few) about how things are done in MySQL versus PostgreSQL — and what could be done better in both.

At PGDay this year, I was glad to see Alexey Kopytov speaking about what MySQL does better; it got some very constructive conversations going. I was also pleased that my keynote on Migration to the Open Source Databases at the same conference was well attended and also sparked some good conversations.

I want this trend to continue to grow. This is why I think running a PostgreSQL Day as part of Percona Live Europe, Amsterdam is an excellent development. It provides an outstanding opportunity for people interested in PostgreSQL to further their knowledge through exposure to  MySQL, MongoDB and other open source technologies. This holds true for folks attending the conference mainly as MySQL and MongoDB users: they get exposed to the state of PostgreSQL in 2016.

Even more, I hope that this new track will spark productive conversations in the hallways, at lunches and other events between the speakers themselves. It’s really the best way to see what we can learn from each other. In the end, it benefits all technologies.

I believe the whole conference is worth attending, but for people who only wish to attend our new  PostgreSQL Day on October 4th, you can register for a single day conference pass using the PostgreSQLRocks discount code (€200, plus VAT).  

I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking with members of the PostgreSQL community at Percona Live!

Bereitet irakische Armee den ersten Kampfrobotereinsatz vor?

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 13:00
Die irakische Armee stellte ein Kampfroboterfahrzeug vor, nach Gerüchten könnte Russland bereits Kampfroboter in Syrien eingesetzt haben, das Pentagon hatte 2007 im Irak einen Einsatz abgebrochen
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Islamistischer Bilderstürmer vor Gericht

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 12:00
Erstmals urteilt der Internationale Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag über die Zerstörung von Kulturgütern
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Bundeswehr: Tornados sollen aus Türkei abgezogen werden

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 11:00
Als mögliche Ausgleichsstandorte können Jordanien oder Zypern dienen
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Türkischer Operettenkrieg

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 09:00
Ein widerwärtiger Großmachtpoker wird um die Leiche Syriens geführt - auf dem Rücken der Selbstverwaltung in Rojava
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Die Erde bebt

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 08:00
Schweres Erdbeben in Zentralitalien - mindestens 120 Tote, mehrere tausend obdachlos
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Terrorverdacht in Polen

Telepolis - Do, 2016-08-25 06:00
Sprengstoff oder Wandfarbe?
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Alice Schwarzer schwärzt weiter

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 22:37
Nach "Tango mit Alice" nun auch einstweilige Verfügung gegen "Schwarzer Tango"
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Türkische Offensive in Syrien mit US-Unterstützung

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 22:30
Moskau und Damaskus protestieren, die türkische Regierung fährt einen gefährlichen Kurs, um mit dem IS in Dscharabalus auch gleichzeitig die Kurden zu treffen
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Österreich: "Hate-Speech"-Vorwürfe außer Rand und Band

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 22:00
FPÖ-Politiker droht SPÖ-Politiker nach Gabalier-Kritik mit Anzeige wegen "Verhetzung"
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Ablehnung von Flüchtlingen wächst weltweit

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 13:00
44 Prozent der Deutschen sind nach einer Umfrage für die Schließung der Grenzen, 51 Prozent glauben nicht an eine erfolgreiche Integration
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Götterdämmerung der Kohle

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 12:00
Die Energie- und Klimawochenschau: Von Abschreibungen, die Versorgung gefährdenden Kohlekraftwerken und schöpferischer Zerstörung
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur

Erdogans Krieg

Telepolis - Mi, 2016-08-24 10:00
Unter dem Vorwand eines Anti-Terroreinsatzes interveniert das türkische Regime in Nordsyrien. Ziel ist die Zerschlagung der Selbstverwaltung in Rojava
Kategorien: Politik + Kultur